Frequently Asked Questions

What is a feral cat?
A feral cat is one that cannot be handled by humans.
Does UCHS intake feral cats?
No, we do not intake feral cats because they are unable to be placed in a home and are usually happier where they are.
Do you tip ears when you spay and neuter cats through your cat clinic?
Yes we do. Our cat clinic is meant to help get feral and barn cats spayed and neutered. An ear tip signifies that they are fixed and don’t need to be trapped to help control the cat population.
What do you do with stray dogs?
We keep them in our intake area for 72 hours while we try to reunite them with their family. If we are unable to reunite them, we make sure they are spayed/neutered, microchipped, and up to date on vaccines and preventatives and then they will be available for adoption.
How much does it cost to adopt a dog?
Adoption fees vary based on the dog. There are several factors that go into determining that price including age and medical needs.
Can I walk through the kennel area to see all the dogs?
The kennel area is closed to the public. The dogs get very stressed out when people they don’t know walk through. Instead, we talk to you about what you are looking for in a dog and try to help you find the perfect match. You are welcome to meet more than 1 dog.
What do I do if I suspect an animal is being mistreated or neglected?
Under the tab that says Learn More About UCHS there is an option that says Strays/Neglect. There is a humane report form you can fill out. It goes straight to our Humane Agent who will check on the situation.
For after hours emergencies or stray dogs in-city, please call the Marysville Police at 937.645.7300, for stray dogs out-of-the-city please call Sheriff Dispatch at 937.645.4110.
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